Tank Blanketing Valves

Tank Blanketing Valves

Tank Blanketing Valves provide an effective means of preventing and controlling fires in flammable liquid storage tanks. Vapours cannot be ignited in the absence of an adequate supply of oxygen. In most instances, this oxygen is provided by air drawn into the tank from the atmosphere during tank emptying operations.

Tank Blanketing Valves are installed with their inlet connected to a supply of pressurised inert gas (usually Nitrogen), and their outlet piped into the tank's vapour space. When the tank pressure drops below a predetermined level, the nitrogen blanketing valve opens and allows the gas to flow into the vapour space. The blanketing valve reseals when pressure in the tank has returned to an acceptable level. The blanketing gas contains no air. No supply of air (Oxygen) is allowed to enter the tank. The vapours, therefore, never form a flammable mixture.

Tank Blanketing Valves help maintain the vapour space in a non-flammable condition, and also provide make-up gas to ensure that the tank's vapour space is not subjected to a vacuum.

Tank Blanketing Valves can also be utilised to protect products such as purified water or cooking oils from contaminants by maintaining a positive pressure in the vapour space of the storage tank.

Why Are Tank Blanketing Valves Important?

The installation of a tank blanketing valve offers safety to the equipment, the product in it, the people around it and the environment. Since blanketing removes oxygen, fire cannot take place even when the media is combustible. Moreover, the ‘blanket’ restricts the stored product from evaporating or being contaminated. In short, tank blanketing ensures complete protection to the product stored in the tank against combustion, contamination and evaporation.

What Industry Are Tank Blanketing Valves Useful For?

Mainly, tank blanketing valves are used in Chemical, Petrochemical and Oil & Gas Industries. However, their use is growing in Food and Beverage, Pharma, Personal Care, Cosmetics and Semiconductor industries.

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