Sight Windows

Like we stock and sell a range of liquid level gauges, flame arrestors, bursting disc and panels and sight flow indicators, we also deal in sight windows.

As their name suggests, Sight windows are window components offering visibility of content in a tank, pipe, or any other commercial piece of equipment. Adding a sight window to your commercial equipment inspects what's going on inside easy. For example, you can monitor the functioning of the equipment or check the liquid level or verify the presence or absence of media with the help of a sight window.

We supply the highest quality Sight Glasses, which can be threaded or welded directly onto tanks or pipes. Our sight glass range includes:

  • Sight Windows - standard and ANSI rated
  • Weld Pad Sight Windows
  • Radius Pad Sight Windows
  • Bolt-On Sight Windows
  • Weld Neck Sight Windows
  • Threaded Male Sight Windows
  • Oil Level Sight Glasses

Most of the sight windows that we stock have glass fused to a sturdy metal frame. The frame of the wight windows offers excellent support to the glass, thus making them a durable addition to your tanks or pipes. Since the metal frame holds the glass and absorbs mounting stress, the glass window stays unaffected by wear and tear. This design of sight windows makes them cost-efficient and reusable. In addition, the strength of sight glass windows makes them ideal for use in boilers and other pressurised systems.

Use Of Sight Windows

There are many uses of sight windows - the most common one is monitoring fluids in pipe systems and keeping a check on the pressure in boilers. Sight windows can also be used in heating systems to know if the pilot lights and heating elements are functioning as expected.

Sight windows are used in many industries, including utilities and power, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, biofuels, wastewater treatment and management, and chemical/petrochemical.

Choosing The Right Sight Window

Choosing the right sight window is essential to gain maximum benefit out of it for a long time. Therefore, make a decision based on the following points:

  • Maximum expected temperature: It is essential to determine the operating temperatures within the system where you will use the sight window. A too high or too low temperature may affect the performance of the sight window material. Hence, it would be best if you decided depending on the temperature suitable for the material of the sight window. Some materials work the best with operating temperatures below 300°F, while others can function effectively even above 500°F.
  • Thermal shock: When deciding a sight window for equipment, ensure to consider the temperature change during the procedure. In addition, since most sight windows feature glasses, it is essential to inquire about the glass material's thermal expansion coefficients, thermal conductivity, and durability.
  • Corrosion and Abrasion: If sight windows are used in machines with caustic or acidic substances, the window's glass may become "cloudy", making it difficult for you to keep an eye on what's happening inside. For use in such applications, it is best to buy sight windows with glass that is corrosion resistant. Also, if the sight glass is exposed to harsh or abrasive elements, it may erode and obstruct the view. Hence, it would help if you considered this factor as well when buying a sight window.

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