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Sight Flow Indicators

A sight flow indicator is helpful in pipelines to keep an eye on the flow of the liquid, powder or gas. Its body features one or more viewing windows that make it a reliable device to check the flow's condition and colour of the flow. Sight flow indicators are considered to be a convenient and low-cost way of observing the substance. At Ekotech, we source and stock a range of sight flow indicators ideal for industrial use. All the products we sell are high in quality and low in cost, so choosing the right sight flow indicator becomes easy.

Our Sight Flow Indicators are an efficient way of monitoring liquids in several industrial applications. We have a wide range of Sight Flow Indicators, including:

  • Low pressure – single or double window (BSP or NPT Threaded)
  • Medium/high pressure – double window (threaded and flanged)
  • Electronic – pulse output/setpoint switching
  • Cylinder glass – self-cleaning with wipers (threaded and flanged)
  • Glass pipe indicator - ball action, shield or armoured

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We supply a variety of sight flow indicators, including:

Threaded Sight Flow Indicators

At Ekotech, we source, stock and supply several threaded sight flow indicators. We have many products in this category to pick the most suitable one per your requirement. Most of our threaded sight flow indicators feature a sturdy and durable body made of materials like bronze, carbon steel, iron, stainless steel, etc. Also, depending on the type, our threaded sight flow indicators have a single or double window. You can browse through our collection of threaded sight flow indicators and choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Flanged Sight Flow Indicators

We also have various models of flanged sight flow indicators. The products in this category too are made using sturdy materials like bronze, stainless steel, iron, etc. No matter which product you choose, we are confident that it will serve the purpose and offer you outstanding performance for a long time—most models in this category feature double windows.

Cylinder Sight Flow Indicators

We have a variety of cylinder sight flow indicators in our collection. The flow indicators we have stocked in this category include full-view, armoured, glass pipe, plastic, shielded, and 360 view. All our cylinder sight flow indicators are made using sturdy and durable materials, so you can expect them to do their job well for years.

Special Sight Flow Indicators

We have stocked some special sight flow indicators to cater to our client's unique needs. We have electronic, sanitary, dome type, and other sight flow indicators in this product category. Our special sight flow indicators are made using materials like stainless steel, brass, polypropylene, iron, carbon steel, brass, etc.

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Threaded Sight Flow Indicators

Flanged Sight Flow Indicators

Cylinder Sight Flow Indicators

Full View

Threaded or Flanged


Threaded or Flanged. CS, 304SS, 316SS

Glass Pipe

199 4
Threaded / Flanged. Iron, CS, 316SS


121 2
Polypropylene, PVC or Teflon. Threaded or Flanged


Ball Action, Shielded. Brass, CS, Bronze or 316SS

360 View

Easy fitting between two flanges

Special Sight Flow Indicators


6260 2
Sanitary Sight Gauge - Tri-Clamp 316SS

Teflon SightGauge

6270 2
Flanged Teflon®* Sight Gauge. Up 20 feet long. UV & Sunlight resistant.

Dome Type

145 2
Dome Type - Agitating Balls - Threaded

Self Clean Glass

model 700
Self Cleaning Glass with Wipers. Threaded Nickel plated Brass or 316SS


Electronic - Pulsed Output / Setpoint Switching