Liquid Level Gauges

We supply quality liquid level gauges from John C Ernst.

Now we also stock a new range of brass and stainless steel (316 SS) Liquid Level Gauges with 1/2" BSP and 3/4" BSP threaded connections.

Rather than liquid level gauges, we also offer wide range of premium quality of bursting sic & panel, sight glasses and more. Call Ekotech on 03 9457 3700 for more information.

Our range of John C Ernst products includes:

Liquid Level Gauges

Ekotech supplies high-quality liquid level gauges from John C Ernst that accurately indicate the liquid level in boilers, vessels, and drums.

For efficient process operations, it is vital to have reliable, high-performing measurement installations. The liquid level gauges at Ekotech are an excellent choice for your factory as all the products in this category are made of high-quality material using modern techniques to ensure sturdiness and efficiency. In addition, all products that we stock go through a quality check, so you know you only get the best quality level gauges when you purchase from us.

We stock a variety of liquid level gauges that are ideal for various applications. In addition, you can find level gauges for non-hazardous and hazardous liquids in our collection. Level gauges for non-hazardous liquids have a reflex glass inside their body and an observation slot on the other end, making it convenient to obtain precise readings. For readings of hazardous liquids or gases, we stock a variety of magnetic level gauges.

Our collection of liquid level gauges includes:

Tubular Level Gauges

Our tubular level gauges offer an easy and cost-effective way to indicate liquid levels. They are perfect for low pressure, non-hazardous applications. Some products in this category come with guard rods or plastic protectors for safety. However, if they arenā€™t included, you can always request for the same.

Our tubular level gauges are ideal for indicating the level is low or medium pressure applications. Most gauges feature clear or red line Borosilicate (Pyrex) tubing to mark the level. It is possible to mount these gauges on the side of the tank or vessel. Most tubular level gauges in our collection feature glass tubes, packing material, vent plug, drain valve, etc.

Magnetic Level Gauges

The magnetic level gauges that we stock are ideal for applications involving toxic or hazardous liquids or gases. They are also helpful in applications where a safe response to a level change is necessary. Magnetic level gauges offer excellent visibility and show a continuous indication of the liquid level. It is possible to gain readings with these gauges either locally on display or remotely. The best thing about the magnetic level gauges that we stock is the flexible design that adapts easily to any installation requirements.

Flat Glass Gauges

We stock a range of flat glass gauges too. So whether you are looking for flat glass gauge valves or flat glass gauges with reflex design or transparent design, you can find the perfect product as per your needs in our collection. Our reflex gauges are ideal for use with clean and non-viscous fluids. At the same time, our transparent gauges are perfect for dirty, corrosive and steam service.

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We are proud liquid level gauge suppliers offering products like tank level gauges, sight flow indicators, flame arrestors or bursting disc and panels. We stock a wide array of products to ensure you find the right solution as per your needs.

We have provided many liquid level gauges, and valves to our clients and all our products have successfully been used in various liquid level applications.

No matter in which state of Australia you live in. If you wish to order our products, you can do so, and we will deliver them to your address. You can call us on (03) 9457 3700 or fill in our enquiry form to get more details on our products and delivery service.

Tubular Level Gauges


1/2" or 3/4" NPT. Brass & 316SS. Auto ball checks available.


1/2" NPT to 1" Flanged. ASME Auto ball checks.

Carbon Steel

1/2" NPT to 2" Flanged. Auto ball checks.

316 SS

1/2" NPT to 1" Flanged. Auto ball checks.


Economical 1/2" or 3/4" BSP. Brass & 316SS

Heavy Duty

1/2" NPT to 2" Flanged. Stainless Steel - Heavy Duty


1/4" NPT to 1" Flanged. Auto ball check option.


Full Glass Protection.

Top Vented

Top Vented Gauges - Brass

Magnetic Level Indicators

Flat Glass Gauges