Emergency Vents

Emergency vents protect an internal fuel tank from being over-pressurised. It allows the tank to release the pressure and ensure safety in the event of a fire. In other words, emergency vents are pressure releasing devices preventing the tank from being ruptured due to over pressurising.

If a fire takes place near a flammable liquid storage tank, the heat passed on by the tank wall to its contents will cause vaporisation of the liquid inside. If the tank holds petroleum-based products, the expected vaporisation is about 30 or more cubic feet for every gallon of solvent. This act is bound to create a relatively high pressure within the tank, and if there’s no emergency vent available, the tank may rupture, leading to a disaster.

Such explosions can be avoided by having an emergency relief vent to allow the vapours to escape from the tank. Most emergency vents feature pallet assemblies that stay close under normal pressure and open when a predetermined pressure is reached. This relieves the abnormal volume of vapour created in case of fire conditions.

Emergency vents are essential to be installed in tanks storing flammable substances. At Ekotech, we stock and supply a range of emergency vents to meet the varying needs of fire-rated tanks.

Choose The Ideal Product For Your Storage Tank

We have stocked various emergency vents in our collection to meet the needs of all types of tanks. Therefore, buying a vent from us will guarantee your products that are:

  • Light in weight – Most of the emergency vents we stock are light weight, so you can easily handle them and install them on aboveground tanks.
  • Sturdy – All the products are made using sturdy and durable materials, so once you buy an emergency vent from us, you will not have to replace it for years.
  • Easy to Mount – The design of our vents is such that most of them can be mounted horizontally or vertically, depending on the space available.
  • Easy to set up – Most of our emergency vents require no additional parts, so setting them to put them in use is easy.
  • Factory tested – Many of the products in our stock are factory tested and certified for leakages and appropriate settings.

We have a wide choice of Emergency Vents for providing additional pressure relief to accommodate extraordinary conditions such as fire exposure to a tank or full-open failure of a blanketing valve. We can supply you with a range of Emergency Vents suitable for most industrial applications.

Speak To Us To Find Out More Details About Our Products

If you are looking to purchase the right emergency vent for your liquid storage tank, you must go through our collection of high-quality vents. All the specifications of each product are mentioned on our website for your reference. If you still have queries about the features or functioning of our emergency vents, you can call us on (03) 9457 3700 or drop us an email at sales@ekotech.com.au. We also have an enquiry form on the contact us page for you to fill in. You can put your concerns in the form, and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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End-of-Line Emergency Pressure Vent

SERIES 51700

Hinged Emergency Pressure Manhole Cover Vent

SERIES 52600

Emergency Pressure / Vacuum Manhole Cover Vent

SERIES 53300

Emergency Pressure Manhole Cover Vent

SERIES 54000

Spring Loaded Emergency Pressure Vent