Rupture, Bursting Discs and Panels

We supply Oseco and Elfab's high performance Rupture Disks (Bursting Discs) and Rupture Panels (Explosion Panels). These are market leading products for the most demanding pressure relief applications. Oseco and Elfab offer some of the most technically advanced products on the market. We can supply you with an extensive range which includes:

Forward Acting Bursting Discs

Low Pressure (CO)

Size Range: 11/16"-42"
Service Type: Gas & Liquid
Operating Ratio: 80%

Standard Model (STD)

Size Range: 1/2"-24"
Service Type: Gas & Liquid
Operating Ratio: 70%

High Pressure (FAS)

Size Range: 1"-18"
Service Type: Gas & Liquid
Operating Ratio: 90%

Vacuum Relief (VAPRO)

Size Range: 3"-10"
Service Type: Gas & Liquid
Operating Ratio: 80% - 90%

Reverse Buckling Bursting Discs

Low Pressure (PLR)

Size Range: 1"-12"
Service Type: Gas & Liquid
Operating Ratio: 90%

Precision Cut (PCR)

Size Range: 1"-12"
Operating Ratio: 90%
For high cycling or high vacuum gas

Opti-Gard™ (DSC-OPR)

Opti-Gard (DSC-OPR) 2
Opti-Gard™ (DSC-OPR)
Up to 97*% operating ratio Full vacuum capability

High-Performance (PRO+)

Size Range 1"-8"
Operating Ratio 95%
For demanding applications

Flat Unidirectional Bursting Discs

Explosion Vents and Relief Valves

As specialists in supplying equipment for liquid and vapour processing and storage equipment, Ekotech Pty Ltd understands the specific needs of a wide variety of industries. We supply the highest quality products to industry sectors such as petrochemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, mining, power and food and beverage across Australia. Know for our friendly and professional service across all national industries, we’ve established ourself as Australia’s leading distributor for global leading brands, such as Protectoseal, Oseco, Elfab and John Ernst.

Along with fast and reliable delivery of our products, we offer expert technical advice and excellent after sales technical support to our clients Australia-wide. Feel free to get in touch with our skilled, experienced and friendly staff to discuss your business plan and specific requirements.

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