We at Ekotech supply quality engineering products from some of the world's leading manufacturers. Our devices are used across all industries where there is a need for providing:

  • Pressure or vacuum relief for storage tanks
  • Protection against flammable vapours in tanks/connecting pipes
  • An internal tank inert gas for blanketing
  • Liquid level indication/measurement of fluids in tanks or vessels
  • Sight Windows for viewing liquids in vessels or pipes
  • Pressure or vacuum relief in vessels, tanks, piping and ducting

All of our products comply with appropriate Australian and international safety standards. We supply quality products from the worlds leading manufactures in vapour control, inspection and monitoring and pressure relief safety equipment, including Protectoseal, John Ernst, Oseco and Elfab

All of our products we supply comply with all Australian and international industry standards.

Flame Arresters and Detonation Arresters

Protectoseal's Flame arresters and

The functions of both Flame and Detonation Arresters are:

  • Under normal operating conditions - allow the efficient passage of vapour
  • Under emergency conditions – stop and extinguish any flame front propagating through the flammable vapour/air mixture

Emergency Vents

Emergency Vents are specifically manufactured for relieving excessive internal pressure of large storage tanks, caused by exposure of the tank to a fire or heat. For example, the considerable heat produced by a fire near a storage tank can vapourise tank liquids and produce approximately 1 cubic metre of vapour per 4 litres of solvent. Using one of our Protectoseal Emergency Vents could readily avoid tank rupture and subsequent devastating explosions under emergency fire conditions. Protectoseal Emergency Vents are designed with patented "Air-Cushioned Seating" pallet assemblies which operate efficiently under pressure but maintain low leakage rates. Some Emergency Vent models can also double as a manhole for tank access.

The functions of Emergency Vents are:

  • Under normal operating conditions - the pallet's adjustable weight is set to stay closed.
  • Under emergency conditions – when a predetermined pressure level is reached the pallet opens, relieving the abnormal vapour volume.

Pressure Vacuum Vents

Pressure Vacuum Vents use a pallet assembly design similar to emergency vents. These tank vents are designed for vapour conservation, by reducing evaporation of storage tank contents into the atmosphere. We can supply three types of Pressure Vacuum Vents:

  • End-of- line
  • Pipe away
  • In-line

Tank Blanketing Valves

Our quality Protectoseal Tank Blanketing Valves are designed to continually monitor pressure of tank vapour space and allow flow of an inert gas (usually nitrogen) when the pressure drops below a predetermined level. Tank Blanketing (also known as tank padding) provides an effective means of preventing and controlling fires in flammable liquid storage tanks by stopping oxygen accessing and mixing with flammable tank contents during emptying. Tank Blanketing Valves can also be utilised to protect products such as purified water or cooking oils from contaminants by maintaining a positive pressure in the vapour space of the storage tank.

Bursting Discs and Rupture Panels

We supply Oseco and Elfab's high performance Bursting Discs (Rupture Disks) and Rupture Panels (Explosion Panels). These are market leading products for the most demanding pressure relief applications. Oseco and Elfab offer some of the most technically advanced products on the market. We can supply you with our extensive range which includes:

Liquid Level Gauges

We supply John Ernst's quality sight glasses and liquid level gauges. Our available products include:

  • Tubular Level Gauges
  • Flat Glass Gauges
  • Magnetic Level Gauges
  • Top Vented Gauges

Also, our range of Magtech level instrumentation products and services includes:

  • Magnetic Level Gauges
  • Magnetostrictive Transmitters (with IECex & ATEX Certification)
  • Full testing and Inspection available including X-Ray, Dye-Pen, NDE, Post Weld Heat Treat, Hydro, MTR's, etc.

Sight Flow Indicators

Our Sight Flow Indicators are an efficient way of monitoring liquids in a number of industrial applications. We have a wide range of Sight Flow Indicators, including:

  • Low pressure – single or double window
  • Medium/high pressure – double window (threaded and flanged)
  • Electronic – pulse output/set point switching
  • Cylinder glass – self cleaning with wipers (threaded and flanged)
  • Glass pipe indicator - ball action, shield or armoured

Sight Windows / Glasses

We supply the highest quality Sight Glasses which can be threaded or welded directly onto tanks or pipes. Our sight glass range includes:

  • Sight Windows - standard and ANSI rated
  • Weld Pad Sight Windows
  • Radius Pad Sight Windows
  • Bolt-On Sight Windows
  • Weld Neck Sight Windows
  • Threaded Male Sight Windows
  • Oil Level Sight Glasses

Ekotech Australia can supply your industry with highest quality Pressure Relief Valves, Emergency Vents, Flame and Sight Glasses at competitive prices.
Contact our technical team on 03 9457 3700 for further information about our product range.