Agencies and Suppliers

At Ekotech we supply the best global brands for our customers. We have a wide range of products for both your regular and most demanding applications.


Protectoseal is an industry leading global manufacturer of environmentally sensitive safety products for all major industrial flame and vapour control applications. The Protectoseal's "Safety without Compromise" is a reflection of their 85 years of innovative experience in the industry.

Flame Arresters

Flame Arresters prevent exterior flame entry into storage or processing tanks/systems via vent openings. Flame Arresters are sometimes referred to a Deflagration Flame Arresters. We can supply you with two types of Flame Arresters:

  • In-line / Vent-Line
  • End of line

Each Flame Arrester uses specific plate or crimped metal designs and comes in range of sizes. Contact our technical team for further information on all our Flame Arrester products.

Detonation Arresters

We can supply Detonation Arresters up to 24" (DN 600) in size. Our Detonation Arresters are specifically designed to withstand and arrest the high velocity and high pressure flame fronts that may develop in long or complex piping runs such as those encountered in vapour recovery or manifolded tank systems. Protectoseal Detonation Arresters are bi-directional and capable of stopping flames fronts from either direction. Importantly, our Detonation Arresters have been tested and certified to withstand Overdriven (Unstable) detonations as well as stable detonations and are rated for Endurance Burning.

Tank Vents

Protectoseal's tank vents are recognised for superior quality and easy installation and maintenance. We supply the full range of tanks vents for all industry applications, Including:

Emergency Vents – We have a wide choice of Emergency Vents for providing additional pressure relief to accommodate extraordinary conditions such as fire exposure to a tank or full-open failure of a blanketing valve. We can supply you with a range of Emergency Vents suitable for most industrial applications.

Pressure Vacuum Vents – These tank vents use a pallet opening and closing system, allowing only the air intake necessary; avoiding any possible tank damage under normal operation. Pressure Vacuum Vents are sometimes known as conservation vents because they reduce the amount of evaporation from a storage tank.

Specialty Tank Fittings

Protectoseal's range of Specialty Tank Fittings include Overflow Valves, Air Dryers (Silica Gel Desiccant Dryers) and Gauge Hatches (Dip Hatches). Many of our products are available in standard materials such as aluminium, carbon steel and 316 SS or exotic materials such as Hastelloy or FRP (Derakane 470 or Furan) for more demanding applications.

John Ernst

We have exclusive rights for distributing John Ernst's products in Australia. They manufacture high quality inspection and monitoring devices, including:

  • Tubular Liquid Level Gauges
  • Sight Windows
  • Flat Glass Gauges
  • Magnetic Level Gauges
  • Sight Glasses
  • Sight Flow Indicators


With more than 25 years of engineering and testing experience, Oseco offers products with the highest technical specifications, worldwide approvals and quality accreditations. We can supply your industry with products from the Oseco brand, including:


Similar to Oseco, Elfab are a quality manufacturer of Rupture/Bursting Disk products. Elfab have over 70 years' pressure management experience working with a range of blue chip organisations across the globe. Their range of products can be found in diversified applications including:

  • Launch systems in space rockets
  • Car safety systems
  • Oxygen systems for military aircraft
  • Cryogenic systems

Ekotech Australia can supply your industry with highest quality Pressure Relief Valves, Emergency Vents, Flame/Detonation Arrestors and Sight Glasses at competitive prices.
Contact our technical team on 03 9457 3700 for further information about our product range.