Supplying the Best Protectoseal, Flame Arrestor, Vapour Control, Tank Safety, Liquid Process and Level Gauge Devices

Welcome to Ekotech Pty Ltd. We are specialists in supplying equipment for liquid/vapour processing and storage equipment for all industrial environments. Types of equipment we can supply are:

  • Pressure and Vacuum Relief Devices
  • Vapour Control Equipment
  • Level Measurement Equipment
  • Safety Equipment, and more

We are Australia's leading distributor for global leading brands of Tank Vents, Flame Arresters, Bursting Discs, Level Gauges and Sight Glasses Australia wide. We supply across all national industries, including petro-chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, mining, power and food and beverage.

We can supply a wide range of products for all industrial applications across all states and territories. Our specialist products include:

Contact our reliable, professional technical team for selecting the best product for your industrial application.

Supplying the Highest Quality Products

We supply leading brands from some of the best and most innovative companies in the world. Partnering with global manufacturers such as Protectoseal, Oseco, Elfab and John Ernst, we offer reputable products and ensure:

  • Reputation of delivering highest quality equipment
  • Excellence in innovation
  • Expert application and engineering assistance across many industries
  • Compliance with Australian Standards, ISO and API standards
  • Compliance with industry standards

Agencies and Suppliers


Flame Arresters

We supply high quality Flame Arresters for all your industry applications. Our Flame Arresters are the best in the industry; providing a protective barrier for the propagation of flames in pipe works or tanks. One common Flame Arrestor is the end of line configuration. This is fitted at the end of the storage tank vent pipe, allowing normal tank breathing while preventing flashback.

Detonation Arresters

We also supply high quality Detonation Arresters by Protectoseal. Similar to Flame Arresters, Detonation Arresters provide a safety barrier from a normal flash back to a detonation level ignition. Therefore Detonation Arresters are more robust than the standard Flame Arrestor.

Emergency Vents

Our superior Protectoseal Emergency Vents are tank vents which act to relieve internal pressure created by heat or fire. Protectoseal's Emergency Vent design uses a pallet assembly with patented "Air-Cushioned Seating" resulting in low leakage rates. The Emergency Vent accurately operates when tank pressure reaches a predefined setting. Once the setting is reached, the Emergency Vent opens, evacuating any in-tank pressure.

Pressure Vacuum Vents

Like all of our other tank vents, our Pressure Vacuum Vents have superior design using optimised pallet assembly technology. Pressure Vacuum Vents provide a means of reducing evaporation of contents into the environment. The tank vents are factory set to your requirements. Our quality Protectoseal Pressure Vacuum Vents are available in end-of- line, pipe-away and in-line configurations.

Rupture Discs and Bursting Discs

We supply the highest technically advanced Rupture Discs and Bursting Discs. We use Oseco and Elfab, who both are global leaders in pressure relief products.

Other Products

We also supply Protectoseal Tank Blanketing Valves and other speciality tank vent fittings such as Gauge Hatches and Air Dryers. Contact our technical team for further information on Protectoseal products.

Ekotech's Leading Brands

We select the best product for our customers from leading, global safety equipment brands.


We stock the Protectoseal world leading brand for Flame Arresters and Detonation Arresters. We also have a wide range of tank vents and other products by Protectoseal, including:

  • Emergency Vents
  • Pressure Vacuum Vents
  • Tank Blanketing Valves
  • Air Dryers

Oseco & Elfab

If you need the choice of the highest quality Bursting Discs or Rupture disks and Explosion Panels, we have the best in the market at a competitive price.

John Ernst Products

We have exclusivity on supplying John Ernst's inspection and monitoring products Australia wide. The products we supply include:

Our Friendly, Reliable Customer Service

At Ekotech we have a reputation for providing a friendly, professional service for all of our customers. When you order products from us, we'll make sure you'll receive:

  • A prompt, friendly service
  • Reliable fast delivery of all products Australia wide
  • Expert technical advice on all our product range
  • Excellent after sales technical support

Ekotech Australia can supply your industry with highest quality Pressure Relief Valves, Emergency Vents, Flame / Detonation Arrestors and Sight Glasses at competitive prices.
Contact our technical team on 03 9457 370003 9457 3700 for further information about our product range.